Desire translation to win Czech customers?

Speaking your customer’s language is crucial in attracting their interest. To succeed on the Czech market, you need to adapt your English communication.
You don’t have to worry about that – I’ll help you get your distinctive voice in Czech to hit pay dirt.

What services can help you win Czech customers?

Words matter. Take a step forward and enter a new market in the Czech Republic with effective texts that hit the spot.

Marketing Translation

Word to word translation? Not a good strategy for promotional materials. Conveying message clearly and effectively means considering all layers of meaning and finding suitable equivalents that fulfill the desired purpose. With my help, your wording in Czech will get the same drive the original English text has.

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Creating your brand image is a great deal of work where every aspect mindfully complements the others, including texts. Therefore, complex creative translation which relies on marketing principles and suits the new audience is sought after. Reach out and get your copy in Czech that is in perfect harmony with your whole concept.

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Website Localization

The age of Internet poses new challenges to the way we read and consume content online in general. Translating a website requires awareness of these challenges and skills to overcome potential pitfalls. Let me help you create a website that will convert visitors into customers.

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Who am I?

I am Kateřina

translator, copywriter & teacher

I have always been fascinated by language. I was wondering how Czech and later English work and while comparing their similarities and differences, I tried to find the best ways to convey a message. The essential function of language is to communicate with others – so why does it sometimes seem we don’t understand each other?

Finding an answer to this question is nothing but easy. There are many aspects involved and I am gradually trying to unfold this mystery. My university studies of linguistics and translation definitely helped. As I tend to be thorough once I set off on the path to discovery, I keep educating myself about creative translation, copywriting, online marketing as well as teaching English as a second language to Czech students.

I use the knowledge and skills gained along the way for the benefit of my customers. They have already come in handy when I was:

  • translating marketing materials for a social network or a global IT company;
  • writing articles and social media posts for a Czech jewellery company; and 
  • teaching Czech students speak English.


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